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Discover the essential analysis components of an energy audit by DMA Engineering and why this is your key to increasing profitability as well as sustainability.

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Benefits of an Energy Audit

DMA Engineering understands one of the biggest concerns you may have as a building owner or manager is meeting regulatory compliance energy standards while also maintaining profitability.  

This is where an energy audit by DMA Engineering can uncover opportunities to save energy, reduce costs and improve the value of a property. 

Our process takes an in-depth analysis at a building’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to uncover inefficiencies and determine a plan for improvements. By making these energy-saving adjustments through the information gained in a commercial building energy audit, everybody wins:

✔️ Reduced Operational Costs: Create savings for building owners through reduced operational costs including improving the longevity of equipment.
✔️ Compliance with Local Regulations: Decipher building codes and find areas for improvement to comply with a variety of standards before you’re eventually forced into doing so.
✔️ Satisfied Occupants: Energy efficiency leads to better building health & safety, improved indoor air quality and comfort translating to happier tenants.
✔️ Energy Stability: Reduced energy costs equals fewer price fluctuations in utilities costs.
✔️ Improved Sustainability: Increased energy efficiency reduces energy emissions, appeals to eco-conscious clients, and while helping you get on a path to Net Zero.

What Does an Energy Audit Look Like?

We perform a personalized and in-depth energy analysis of your building’s energy usage and inefficiencies. Our quick-read guide will list our process and components of a DMA energy audit. We’ll cover:

- The 6 major areas we examine in a building that significantly impact energy usage.
- Our 9-step personalized process of an energy analysis.

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Why Choose DMA Engineering?

Our passion for energy efficiency comes from our firm commitment to making buildings better members of society—and that includes making these structures more energy-efficient and cost-effective for building owners and operators. We have years of experience studying, analyzing, rethinking, and reimagining outdated, out-of-compliance structures and bringing in forward-thinking energy conservation measures to save on consumption and operational costs. And it all starts with our Energy Audit.

We’ll develop an energy conservation scenario, budget, and payback analysis to help you make sense of the way you manage and operate your building to save on energy costs, how you meet new energy compliance requirements, and how you employ new, sustainable energy-saving practices. 

The result? Simple solutions. Improved comfort. Lower operational costs. It’s your building—only better.