Your tip sheet includes 5 key quality assurance checks for your building’s automation and mechanical systems. 

  • Ensuring commissioning occurs at the right point in the project lifecycle
  • Integrating sustainable and energy-efficient building features
  • Conveying and documenting information, including test results
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Benefits of New Building Commissioning

DMA Engineering has commissioned more than 100 buildings in the last 15 years. We understand the high complexity built into modern structures, including the powerful new systems that can maximize building efficiency and sustainability.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a vital step in the commissioning process that keeps the project focused on your desired outcomes. DMA Engineering works as your partner during QA and other phases of the project to confirm that all specifications have been met. We will also stay on-task for 12 months after the conclusion of the project to measure continued performance and report back to you.

The benefits of building commissioning include:

✔️ Cost savings and energy efficiency: Commissioning identifies and rectifies inefficiencies in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs. 
✔️  Regulatory compliance: Stay within compliance standards, meet building codes, and avoid expensive delays and fines during your project.
✔️  Occupant comfort: By ensuring proper operation of lighting, plumbing and HVAC systems, commissioning helps maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels throughout the building.
✔️ Sustainable buildings: New building commissioning ensures optimal performance, aligning with sustainability goals and owner requirements.

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Proper commissioning ensures a building’s systems operate as designed and deliver on the promise of efficiency. When the commissioning process is complete, you’ll appreciate the building’s cost-effectiveness and the new occupants will be able to enjoy a comfortable environment.

Partner with DMA Engineering for New Building Commissioning

DMA Engineering is an industry leader with a proven commitment to making newly built structures more cost-conscious and energy-efficient. Utilizing leading-edge technology, we strive to create functional, practical designs that treat every building as a holistic system. 

Our expertise in building commissioning is nearly unmatched due to the deep skill sets and diverse backgrounds of our on-staff experts. From project analysis and problem-solving to unbiased quality assurance and post-construction testing, we provide end-to-end commissioning services. Our goal is your satisfaction with the project due to our outstanding services and the superior performance of your new building.

Experience a smoother build with a more satisfactory result. When you partner with DMA Engineering, commissioning creates better buildings.